Humans are the founding race of Solum. After settling here after the Third Great War, Humans built the grand city of Luxdale. Humans are widely treated with disrespect due to the fact they are the only race who are unable to use magic. Although they are easily the most prominent race in the region, they also are the bottom of the social totem pole. This has caused many law enforcers to have hostilities with other races.


Elves are a quiet, proud race. They consider themselves the “ascended human”. While some elves work side by side with many top government officials, many elves find peace in the wilds. For this reason, most elves live in the forest, in small clans that move. Elves, although they feel elite over Humans, are the most accepting of them.


Dwarves are an interesting race. They are stout in stature, and favor huge weapons in battle. The halls of Tormun is the main city dwarves inhabit. While secretive in nature, they lack discretion. Often making brash or impulsive actions, the dwarves are considered to be loose cannons. Dwarves don’t often trust outside races, but are known to leave their underground city. Dwarves who leave often find themselves in mercenary groups or adventuring for personal gain.


Tieflings are a demon-like races. They keep to themselves in their magical desert sandstorm. To match their devilish appearance, Tieflings are rarely found making a heroic decision. They are not to be trusted and are more than likely to stab you in the back if they are given the opportunity.


Not accepted as “pure” elves, Half-Elves are often found disguising their elven features. Humans see Half-Elves as normal Elves and despise their human-likeness. While willing to work with Humans, Half-Elves long to be accepted by their “Pure” Brethren. Half-Elves try to blend in with Elves where ever they are. If found out, Elves will magically mark the Half-Elf as such, to prevent further infiltration.


Half-Orcs are civilized versions of Orcs. With only one Orcish parent, a Half-Orc is able to think civilly. Most Half-Orcs are loners, with no one to raise them. The ones who make it to adulthood are hardened and fierce. Usually hired as muscle, Half-Orcs are found where ever top security is needed.


Halflings are a race that doesn’t really have a main group anywhere. Found mostly in coastal cities, Halflings love the ocean and are often found on ship crews. Shorter than most, Halflings make up for in agility.


The “Dark Elf”, or Drow are a sect of elves that got too close to Tiefling magic. They are now cursed with blue skin. Accepted by none, the Drow banished themselves to an island now called Devil’s Cradle.


The magical cousins to the Halflings, Gnomes are a rare race that has almost been extinct. They are the oldest race that can track their history back. Gnomes are nomads by default, having no real home. Most gnomes are a little on the crazy side, probably for their close ties to Arcane energy.


Eladrin are a race of elves that were, “exalted”, by an ancient race known as the Dragonborn. Eladrin faithfully served the Dragonborn until the power the Dragonborn had given them made them “aware”. The Eladrin betrayed the evil Dragonborn, ending their hold over the world. The Eladrin hunted the Dragonborn, eventually making them extinct. Little more is known on the Eladrin-Dragon Wars. Eladrins consider themselves “elite” over elves, or any race.


The hulking brute Goliaths are not native to this region. Few are seen, but when they are, they strike terror into the souls who look upon them. Not smart, but strong as tanks, Goliaths only use is breaking something or someone.


The ancient race of dragons, the Dragonborn, have been resurrected by Tiamut. They follow him loyally. Dragonborn are natural warriors. They will not stop until all races are enslaved or defeated by them. Ranging from yellow to green skin tones, these monsters are physically superior to any races.


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