Darkstone Shades

These spies are used to infiltrate and assassinate Dragonborn officers. Without their intel, the war effort would be naught. Many of the members don’t come back from missions now, as Dragonborn defenses are growing stronger by the day.

Brotherhood of Erathis

The main church of the world has its own personal army. They fortify Darkstone and are the bulk of the defenders in Solum now. Their goal is to subdue the Dragonborn invasion, and protect the citizens of Erde.

Tormun Alliance

The reenforced Dwarven city now works side by side with the Shadowleaf Elf Clan that resides in the nearby forest. After flushing out the halls of dark elves, the two forces continued to work along side each other. The dwarven vanguards pair excellently with the elven rangers in battle.


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