The city where the Dragonborn reanimated into Erde. Lit ablaze by Tiamat’s return, the once glorious city is now a burning spawning ground. Red Dragons guard its borders, and no one has been able to enter since the initial return of the dragons themselves.


The Tiefling home town. Ever since the return of the dragons, this has been a military outpost for all resistance fighters in the region. Knights from Erathis fortify its walls, protecting against the constant Dragonborn raids. A once safe haven for knowledge seekers, Darkstone is nothing more then a big war camp now.


Carved into the mountains, Tormun is the noble home of the dwarves. King Ironhouse rules the city, and commands his elites to protect it. With the help of the Shadowleaf Elves, Tormun was able to expand and thrive in their underground fortress. The halls once plagued by Lolth crazed zealots has been cleaned out and built upon.

Far Water

This port town is now overrun with Dragonborn. The population either fled or died when the dragons attacked. The Dragonborn use this port to build warships, further expanding their militaristic conquest.

Dagger Bay

The port city of Dagger Bay is the main import and export of the region. After the return of the dragons, the Dragonborn attacked the city. An alliance of pirates and law enforcers was formed, and through their conjoined efforts the city did not fall. The city is nothing more then a constant battleground now, with each side fighting for the cities strategic value.


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