Rail Feron

The Deadeye Rouge


The Half-Elf rouge garbs himself in traditional adventurers armor, making it easier to blend with the local of his various missions. Brown wind swept hair sits atop his excited persona. Armed with a complicated crossbow, Rail is a solider to be feared.


The Darkstone Shades are primarily made up of Tieflings from their city in the sand, but as it is a espionage organization, some members are other races. Rail Feron, a native Half-Elf of Darkstone is one such member. Abandoned at birth, he grew up along side pureblood Tieflings, and was raised like one too. Rail often wondered about his heritage, but was content with his life in the desert. Approached by recruiters of the Darkstone Shades, Rail was brought onto the squad for a very important infiltration mission. Unknown to him, this mission was actually a suicide mission the Shades expect him to fail, in order to use his death as a means to cover up their involvement in a political situation with Luxdale. However, Rail shocked everyone as he returned to Darkstone, mission successful. It was at this point the Shades decided to use him to his full potential. After completing his training with the Shades, he quickly gained respect within the organization. It was at this point in his life when he met his best friend and partner within the Shades, Necieb Jarak. Tasked on an important mission, he and Necieb staged a jailbreak from Darkstone Prison. In doing so, they unknowingly set in motion the events leading up to the Rise of the Dark One. Over the course of his travels with the Darkstone Fellowship, the mission called for the assassination of the group. After setting up how he would carry this out, a close friend of his, Jarvin Half-Elven, died along the way. This tragic event caused Rail to realize he couldn’t let anyone else die. Unable to aid in the capture of the party, Rail eventually abandoned the party, too ashamed to tell them the truth. Through a turn of events, Rail decided to break all the rules, and took matters into his own hands. Hoping to fix the wrongs he blamed himself for, he attempted to return the Darkstone that his former party now had possession of. Caught, and unable to hide the truth from his former allies, Rail told them exactly what had happened. Unable to trust him, but willing to spare his life, they returned to Luxdale. Tamrik revealed his true intentions, and Rail fought along side his allies once again. After Tiamat was returned to the realm, Rail fled from Luxdale alongside Quarion. Still unable to earn the trust or heart of Quarion, Rail settled as the self-appointed bodyguard of Quarion. They have been maintaining the affairs of the Tormun Allience for the past five years.

Rail Feron

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