Necieb Jarak

The Silent Shadow


The Darkstone Shades Second-in-Command, Necieb Jarak is a red skinned Tiefling wielding an axe and shield. A bandage covers his mouth, an injury received necessary for completing a mission. He garbs himself in black, as this is the uniform of a Shade. His inability to speak is all but an inconvenience, for his intense red eyes say all that is needed.


Necieb was born and raised in Darkstone. From a young age he was training to become a Darkstone Shade. His loyalty to his city, and his determination to do his family proud are what shaped this warrior into what he is today. Necieb is no stranger to sacrifice. In his early years of being a Shade, he was the model solider. Completing his mission was always his first priority. His latest mission with the Shades required him to win the trust of his enemies, and so at his suggestion, his tongue was brutally cut out. As gruesome as this was, this was not the biggest price he paid to complete his mission. He keeps his past a secret, and with the inability to speak, he isn’t questioned on the matter. Necieb is a true example of the perfect weapon of war, any that call him ally should feel relieved not to be on his opposing side.

Necieb Jarak

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