Leon Valentine

The Fallen Templar


An Ex-Paladin, now working under his own ambitions. His dark hair, once groomed and trimmed for duty, now flows carelessly about him. Forgoing his uniform of service, he now dons a coat and light armor. Last he was seen, he was in a state of personal crisis.


A knight who followed in the light of Bahamut. After a fatherless childhood, and losing his mother in his early years as a Paladin, Valentine strived to serve the light to the best of his ability. After joining the quest for the Darkstone, Valentine quickly grew attached to the members of his fellowship. In Darkstone, Valentine was faced with the father that abandoned him, leaving him and his mother to die. It was also revealed to him that Errick, a close ally and friend within the party, were half brothers through the same man that stood before them. Erick was overjoyed and confused with the reunion of his beloved “Pappy”, while a raged grew inside Valentine. During the Raid on Darkstone, Valentine found an opportunity to exact revenge on his father. Against Erick’s pleading, Valentine struck their father down. On the way back from Darkstone, Valentine’s destiny was revealed by the Raven Queen’s intercession. Upon returning to Luxdale, Valentine was betrayed by Tamrik, the man he looked up to like a father. Tamrik revealed he was actually the Harbinger of Tiamat. Through the Darkstone, Tamrik revived the ancient Dragonborn, and the Red Dragon Tiamat. He barely escaped the city, now set ablaze by dragon fire. Once an Exemplar of the Light, after the Fall of Luxdale he set out to right the wrongs he commit leading up to the Fall. He has not been seen in five years.

Leon Valentine

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